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Transport Charges

The transfer of the paintings will be registered and will be delivered by the postal services in accordance with the information provided by the recipient. The address stated by the buyer should be true and valid. By placing products in your order basket, you can see your order’s shipment cost. The shipment cost is not standard, but varies depending on your country. will not be responsible if the recipient is absent from the place of delivery and will then have to collect it from the local post office.
The project will be sent after 6-7 days from the day of the order due to the preparation of the plexiglass frame to hang on the wall . From the day of parcel’s delivery to postal services, the registered parcel will be delivered to the consignee within 2- 7 days depending on the delivery country. warrants that it will give the parcel to the postal services within the time limit it has set, but it will not be responsible if the local postal services delay delivery to the recipient due to its own fault.

Cost of shipping the parcel by postal service, depending on the delivery countries.
The weight of each order with shipping package is subject to the prices applicable to parcels weighing 1-2 kg.

Registered post Zone 1 16, 50€
EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Cyprus) and the countries, Switzerland, Island, Norway, Luxemburg.

Registered post Zone 2 27, 50€
Post zone 2: The non –EU European countries and the other countries of the world.