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Tiresias 29×15 cm- acrylic colors on ficus leaf. The painting will be placed in a plexiglass frame 35×28 cm at no extra charge.

The weight of 2kg refers to the registered postal shipping package and does not relate to the net weight of the painting’s  frame.

Tiresias was one of the greatest prophets in ancient Greek mythology. His strong personality, the peculiarity of his life – he was a man but also lived as a woman for 7 years – and his wisdom, confronted him with kings and gods. He earned both the favor and dissatisfaction of some gods, such as the goddess Athena who blinded him for seeing her naked.
However, according to ancient poet Hesiod, it was goddess Hera who blinded him for a different reason, while god Zeus gave him incredible longevity and the gift of prophecy.
He was a hero in the Homeric epic Odyssey, when Odysseus found himself in the  world of the dead in order to speak with the prophet. Next to Hades fires, dead Tiresias guided him how to return safely to his kingdom, Ithaca. Centuries after Homer, Tiresias was a hero in Sophocles’ tragedies,  Oedipus Tyrannus and Antigone.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 29 × 15 cm


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