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Nenet/ The young Shaman 23x17cm- acrylic on ficus leaf. The painting will be placed on a wooden frame 30×23 cm at no extra charge, with you having the choice among 3 colors.

The images of the frames with the painting are indicative samples showing only the color relationship between them, as the size of each leaf is different. The frame is made with small pieces from different wood that gives it a slightly bas-relief surface.

The weight of 2kg refers to the registered postal shipping package and does not relate to the net weight of the painting’s  frame.

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The Nenets   are an indigenous people in northern arctic Russia. They have a shamanistic belief system which stresses respect for the land and its resources. The Nenets shaman is called a Tadibya and he/she has a very strong bond with nature and its creatures. Intermediating between the natural and supernatural worlds, the shaman is a spiritual guide and healer.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28 x 35 cm

Black, Dark- purple, Reddish- brown


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