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The knight and the pilgrim shadow



Eldorado 30 x 19.50cm- acrylic on ficus leaf. The painting will be placed in a plexiglass frame  35×28 cm at no extra charge.

The weight of 2kg refers to the registered postal shipping package and does not relate to the net weight of the painting’s  frame.

 Edgar Allan Poe – Eldorado

Gaily bedight,
A gallant knight,
In sunshine and in shadow,
Had journeyed long,
Singing a song,
In search of Eldorado.

But he grew old—
This knight so bold—
And o’er his heart a shadow—
Fell as he found
No spot of ground
That looked like Eldorado.

And, as his strength
Failed him at length,
He met a pilgrim shadow—
‘Shadow,’ said he,
‘Where can it be—
This land of Eldorado?’

‘Over the Mountains
Of the Moon,
Down the Valley of the Shadow,
Ride, boldly ride,’
The shade replied,—
‘If you seek for Eldorado!’

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30.50 × 19.50 cm


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