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Privacy Policy

Users’ questions, requests, and personal information in their electronic transactions and communications with the site will be treated as confidential in accordance with EU and Ιnternational laws. Personal information provided by users – surname, name, address, location, country or telephone number – will be used exclusively for their transactions In the event that a user hurts with malicious comments or actions, a complaint may be made to the competent authorities. The same action will be taken to the competent authorities for any other misuse that is inconsistent with the applicable laws on users safety or the safety and the rights of the site.

All your data will be used at checkout form will be used for shipping and billing the product.

Data that is retrieved from email sing up form is used for email marketing purposes.

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If you would like to edit or delete your personal data from our website please sent us an email through CONTACT FORM and we will perform you action.

Thank you.