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olga kotsirea

Olga Kotsirea was born in Athens. She lived her childhood in Brisbane Australia until her family returned to Europe. She studied at the University of Athens and worked as a high school teacher. Having an interest in arts from a young age, she is now devoted to writing and painting. Two of her books have been published: the fairy tale “Gifts and Tears” by Pataki editions and historical novel for adults “Mirepsos” by Tsukatos-Lemvos editions. During the last year she’s been writing her latest adult novel.

Being self-taught she has painted art for three young-adult books, a cover with Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s portrait for a philosophical book, while her work for Aesopus has been approved by the Greek committee and is included in the illustration of the book for Ancient Greek class for 7th grade.

She has participated in group exhibitions:

In the public employee art exhibition at Zappeio in May 2005

In municipal art spaces of Athens- Voula in June 2003,  Holargos in April 2007, Plaka in December 2014 .

Across Greece, at Kardamyli- Mani in July 2004.

She has also exhibited her work twice in Chili art gallery in Athens in March 2011 and in June 2011.

She often uses natural materials as her painting medium, practice derived from her deep appreciation of nature. Her first solo exhibition with painting on Magnolia leaves took place during June 2016 in the art space of WORK in Athens. She is currently painting a second range of themed works on Ficus Lyrata and Ficus elastika leaves.